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Our Story

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In 2015, Dr. Davis’s 3 year old son Christopher, was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism. This devastating diagnosis sent her on a mission to find help for her son. She was soon met with the realization that there was not an autism specialist practitioner in her area. She also found that most of the existing treatment strategies were controversial and lacked a consensus among the medical community. This began years of study and research in order to help her son.


With her background in Internal Medicine she designed a personalized treatment plan and over 3 years was amazed by his progress. Christopher’s symptoms which included being non-verbal, lots of stemming, echoing, lining up toys, making no eye contact, spinning, hand flapping, toe walking, uncontrollable meltdowns and not recognizing his mother, improved tremendously to being neurotypical with 99% recovery.

He talks nonstop, makes lots of friends easily, attends a regular private school where he follows a regular curriculum without an aide, swims and plays competitive golf. He continues to be regularly feature on the Dean’s List (See before and after videos below).



As other mothers of children with the diagnosis of autism began to notice the transformation in Christopher, they began to ask for help with their children and The Autism Treatment Center of Raleigh was born. Dr Davis began seeing children with autism, depression, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and other learning difficulties, with great success.


Her approach involves a biomedical intervention with a customized treatment plan for each child. This combined with a holistic approach and her personal experience with a child with autism, makes her a unique gift to parents with a child with autism or learning disabilities.


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Some of the conditions we see include:

  • Autism


  • Other Learning Disorders

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