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Insurance and Fees

In order to invest the amount of time we do in our patients and in order to provide the best possible outcomes, we do not take insurance. We are considered an “out of network’ provider as we do not directly bill insurance companies. However, we can provide you with a receipt/superbill to bill insurance companies for reimbursement.


We also do not accept Medicare or Medicaid for your consultation. However, the lab companies can still bill your lab testing and other diagnostic tests to Medicare/ Medicaid who will sometimes, but not always, cover these. We do accept payment for services using your health saving account.

Included in your visit fee is the additional time your provider spends reviewing your new patient paperwork, as well as time spent creating an after-visit summary, ordering labs and supplements. This is billed maximum an additional 30 min for new patients and for the first follow up lab review visit.   Other visits are normally billed an additional 20 min maximum.   Example if your visit face to face or virtual time is 40 min then the total time billed would be 1 hour.


The initial patient consultation can be in person or virtual–video consultation.


Payment is accepted, cash or credit card. Payment is due at the time of service for in person visit. Virtual visits, the first 1.5 hour is billed prior to the visit and if additional time is spent that will be billed after the visit.


Patients with chronic disorders such as Autism, ADD, ADHD we encourage to join our 12-month coaching program. We find that especially for these disorders age is a factor, close guidance is needed for best results.


Twelve Month Coaching Program
Fees will be discussed at the initial or follow up visit.

Other Charges

Communication/Email/Phone Calls/Letters/Forms Emails are not to be used for new problems. Emails are to be used to clarify information in treatment plan or to report reactions and side effects. Emails that are detailed may need to be addressed in an office visit. Emails should only take taking 5 min to respond. If it will need more time you will be asked to schedule an appointment or discuss at the next office visit. Phone calls 5 min no charge, if more time is needed you will be asked to schedule an appointment. Letters are $75. Form completion $50 for short forms. Complex long forms $150 (If takes approx. 30 min to complete).

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