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Prenancy in White

Planning Consulation 

Having a family is the dream of many young couples. Unfortunately, many women find themselves in the position of having difficulty conceiving. Many women that are able to conceive sometimes worry about their baby in Utero. Will my baby be healthy? Autism is now 1/44.

With our present knowledge there is so much that can be done for women who are concerned about the health of the baby she plans to have. We live in a toxic environment and studies show over 200 toxins in the cord blood. Many of these toxins are neurotoxic and have severe impact on the nervous system of the vulnerable fetus. Fortunately, we can actively work on preventing our unborn babies from being exposed to many of these toxins by decreasing the body’s toxic load pre pregnancy. This can be done by testing for toxins and detoxing the body. In addition, making lifestyle changes to reduce exposure prior to becoming pregnant.

There are many studies being done looking at possible link of disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit disorder to intrauterine toxin exposure and also the gut microbiome of the mother and many other factors that can be improved prior to pregnancy.

We at Raleigh Holistic Healthcare believe in preventive care, we look at all these factors and work on optimizing health through testing and treating preconception.

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