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Autism Consultation

In 2015 my son, Christopher, was diagnosed with severe autism. This season of life is one that I will never forget. We were given the grim prognosis of him possibly never speaking, and likely ending up in a group home for supportive care. After reeling from the shock of such a devastating diagnosis, I embarked on an educational journey to find help for my son. After countless hours spent researching and pursuing many certification courses in the biomedical treatment of autism and behavioral therapy, I was finally able to develop a treatment plan for him.  This involved ordering non-traditional diagnostic tests such as Hair Analysis (to look for toxic levels of chemicals in his system), stool tests, urine test and various blood testing. The results of these tests allowed for a very targeted and customize treatment plan to be formulated.


We watched Christopher begin to respond to treatments and his very notable autism symptoms such as hand flapping, stemming, echoing, inability to make eye contact, toe walking began to decrease both in frequency and intensity. He became less and less sensitive to touch and sensory overload, began to recognize his family members more, and had less and less uncontrollable meltdowns. Today, Christopher is neurotypical and almost 100% recovered. He is fully integrated in the school system and does not require any extra support. He talks non-stop and makes friends easily. He regularly features on the Dean’s List at school and is an avid golfer, participating in competitive events.


At Raleigh Holistic Healthcare, we believe that every child with autism can improve with the same techniques and protocols that worked for Christopher. We have seen multiple children we have treated show significant improvements both in their symptoms and in a reduction in ATEC scores.


We are passionate about autism treatment and will continue to learn and research ways to fully recover our children from the crippling effects of autism.

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