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Raleigh Holistic Healthcare &
Autism Treatment Center of Raleigh

Holistic and traditional approaches to your journey to wellness.

Happy Family

We are a functional medicine clinic that partners with you
on your journey to wellness.

We focus on root cause analysis rather than symptom management, and strive to set you back on the road to health and wholeness. We provide personalized, compassionate, evidence-based, patient-centered healthcare.

Our doctor is trained, and board certified in Internal Medicine, Medical Academy of Special Needs and Functional Medicine. This allows her to practice from a unique perspective supporting your health through the utilization of holistic and traditional approaches.

We focus on:

  • Getting to the root cause of chronic illness

  • Optimizing wellness and preventing illness

  • Incorporating laboratory tests such a hair analysis, blood
    tests, stool, and urine tests to aid with identifying root cause of disease

  • Incorporating therapies that are tailored specific to each patient,
    using food as medicine to aid healing

  • Heavy metal detoxification to aid healing and maintain wellness



Functional Medicine Consultation/Adult

Autism /ADD/ADHD Consultation

Pre-Pregnancy Planning Consultation

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Autism Transformation



My son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in April of 2019. It has been a roller coaster ride since then to now. With the help of Dr. Davis, I was able to go through this process a little less stressful. She provided all the necessary information and medication needed, She was definitely a God sent for us in this time of need. She has been an inspiration and a mentor having gone through this with her own child, thus making her more understanding and sympathetic to the situation. Of course we could not have gotten this far without God's help and Dr. Davis. Currently my son is doing extremely well mainly because of the supplements and changing his diet.

Aleica M. (CLIENT)

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